Plastic Wineglasses

People often say wine is nice! But there are many kinds of wines and wine glasses, but which wine glass do you use for which wine? You might think that it doesn't matter which wine glass you use, but that's not true. Actually, a wine glass is specially designed to be used with a certain type of wine. In any case, the shape of a wine glass is essential to allow the senses to do their work as well as possible. When a wine is served in the wrong glass, the character of the wine cannot unfold properly.

A red wine needs more space to be able to take in enough oxygen. The tulip-shaped, round bowl of the glass is quite wide and voluminous, allowing the aroma and the fruity taste to develop fully.

Glasses for white wines are generally smaller and less voluminous than those for red wine. The opening of the glass is narrow and tapered. The aromas do not dissipate so quickly and the balance between sweetness and acidity remains balanced. The aromas come out better in a smaller chalice.

The advantage of the wine glasses of is that you do not have to clean the wine glasses in a special way and polish. That's because all plastic wine glasses of are made of sturdy polycarbonate. The wine glasses are unbreakable, reusable and recyclable.

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