Wine glass Malaga Gift set 2 pieces

This 2-piece set of plastic wine glasses Malaga from us has a classic elegance. Each wine glass has a capacity of 22cl, this makes it a perfect glass for white wine. White wine glasses are usually slightly smaller than red wine glasses. This allows the best taste and aromas of the white wine to develop. In short, these wine glasses are specially designed for an optimal white wine experience, but are of course also good to use for other types of wines. These wine glasses are perfect for use at a party, but are also suitable during a barbecue in the garden. So you can toast your birthday or make a toast with New Year. Our glasses are made of sturdy polycarbonate which makes the glasses unbreakable, reusable and recyclable. These 2 glasses are packed in a nice, sturdy box with the text 'For You'. The glasses are also available in a set of 4.

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