Shot glasses

Plastic shot glasses

Do you have a party from time to time? Or do you like a drink? Then you've come to the right place at These high-quality plastic shot glasses are not only virtually indistinguishable from real glass, but are also unbreakable and reusable for all those moments.

Our shot glasses are characterized by their simplicity. They are the perfect glasses for when you want to enjoy a delicious liqueur. For shotting, other drinks are used. The most famous are dropshot and tequila. You do not like shots? They are also very suitable for amuses.

These glasses certainly have a multifunctional character. The shot glasses are due to the simple design easy to combine with all other tableware. An additional advantage is the safe way of serving drinks. They are literally unbreakable so the shot glasses can be repeatedly put down hard. Choose the best shot glass for your most delicious drink!

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We offer the largest range of durable high quality plastic glasses that you can order by the piece. These glasses are literally unbreakable and will last a very long time. Our high quality plastic glasses are almost indistinguishable from glass. Look for yourself at our plastic champagne glasses or plastic cocktail glasses. Are you organizing a party or an event or is it just for home use? Then our plastic glasses are extremely ideal. Our plastic glasses can be reused many times, so we can all help to reduce the "plastic waste mountain". We have done our best to classify all glasses for you as clear as possible so you can easily choose your favorite plastic glasses. If you still have questions, then we are of course always there for you.